Krotchripper​/​Mass Murder Messiah split

by Krotchripper

  • Compact Disc (CD)

    KROTCHRIPPER/MASS MURDER MESSIAH (Necrotic Records) This is a 2 band split CD of 2 grind bands. I am not a big fan of grind, but some of it I can tolerate. This wasn’t bad musicwise as both bands sound different even though they are blasting away at a million miles an hour a times. It doesn’t come across as a wall of noise neither. The vocals are just not for me. All that lower than low as we can get vocals I just don’t like and see any point in it, but most grind bands do their vocals this way so who am I to argue. If your into grind I would say both these bands deliver the goods. Thick, crushing guitar sound and some very fast music as well. Info:
    (review from Metal Core zine)

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Split cd with Mass Murder Messiah


released September 4, 2013

Krotchripper and Mass Murder Messiah



Necrotic Records Jerseyville, Illinois

Necrotic Records started in 2000 , I will try to get all our out of print release available for download and our current release will be available on cd only for now!

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